You are invited to attend:

Webinar Sun Aug 1st | Zero Scholar | Halal Financing Seminar with Calc. Rates as low as 1.45% | Transfer your Mortgage!


  • Date: Sunday, Aug 01, 2021
  • Time: 2:00 pm (Ontario/Quebec), 12:00 pm (Alberta), 11:00 am (British Columbia)

Agenda Topics:

  • 2:00 pm - Zero Team to introduce and give an overview of Zero Mortgage.
  • 2:10 pm - Lecture on Living a Riba Free Livestyle
  • 2:20 pm - Guest Presentation
  • 2.35 pmQuestions and Answers 
  • 2:55 pm - Concluding Dua
  • 3:00 pm - Halal Home Financing Over view followed by Question and Answer Session continues with our Zero staff and our Mortgage Agent on any mortgage qualification questions. Real Estate broker will join the discussion.
  • 4:00 pm - Expected Conclusion of all Q/A of Financial Questions

  • Join this webinar to learn more about Halal Financing, Co-signer TPP, Rent to Own,Pre-Qualification process, Working with a Zero Referred Realtor.
  • Q/A Session (Please email your Question to [email protected])

Halal Home Financing Canadian Muslims:

  • Same pricing as all Canadian. Our rental calc. rates are as low as 1.45%
  • Minimum 5% down payment, Unlimited funding with no wait time. Available Across Canada.
  • Zero Extra Fees, Zero Extra Cost. We have no hidden cost.
  • Scholars signing our fatwa sit on over 50 Islamic banks internationally
  • We do not share in the capital gains or rental income

Question and Answer Session (Please your Question to [email protected])

Please separate your Halal related questions and your financial qualification/rates questions which will be answered by our Registered Mortgage agent).

Read our latest blog article on how Zero Mortgage product is 100% Halal & Shari'ah compliant according to world renown scholars. 

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